Stiff muscle massage oil; 2 oz  $6 or 4 oz $10

Suggested use: Please be cautious with allergies and always perform a skin patch test on new products. This particular massage oil was designed to relax and soothe your stiff muscles. It has refreshing forest aroma. Massage oils can also be used as a fragrant body oil/perfume, bath oil as well as moisturizer after shower when you are missing your lotion. Enjoy the added skin benefits that essential oils have to offer.


Ingredients: Coconut oil, Juniper berry oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil; Wintergreen oil, Peppermint oil, Camphor oil, Ginger oil, CLove oil


Size: 2 oz or 4 oz; Container: dark glass with sprayer

Stiff muscle massage oil; 2 oz $6 or 4 oz $10