Puffy eyes / dark circles eye serum

Description: Eye Serums are lightweight moisturizers that contain a concentrated amount of nourishing and hydrating ingredients. 


How To Use: To prepare for an Eye Serum application, cleanse desired area with soap and water then pat dry. Next apply few drops around the eye area a small amount of the Serum is needed during each use. Chose an Eye Serum according to your skin type, keep in mind to be cautious with allergies and always perform a skin patch test when using new products.


Ingredients:  Rose hip oil, Aloe vera gel, Vitamin E, Almond oil, Frankicense oil, Lemon oil, Rosemary oil, Cypress oil, Roman Chamomile oil, Clove oil, Lavender oil


Size 1 oz; Dark glass droplet bottle

Puffy eyes / dark circles eye serum