Coconut mint lotion candle
Description: Our Soy Lotion Candles are excellent for aromatherapy and massage. They are made with essential oils and shea butters. Not only do they add an enchanting smell to the room, but they also leave your skin soft and luminous.


Suggested use: Please perform a patch test for any new product purchased by applying a small amount of product to the forearm and observing for any allergic reaction for 1-2 hours. Light the Lotion Candle and breathe in the relaxing aromas. When the desired amount of oils are melted blow out the flame. Gently rub the oils on your skin for a delightful massage. 


Ingredients: Soy wax, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Peppermint oil


Size 3 oz; Aluminum tin.

Coconut mint lotion candle