Body scrubs

All of our scrubs are made with fractionated coconut oil and various essential oils.  Some scrubs contain spices, tea, dry citrus peel , lavender buds, calendula buds, or dry rose petals as well as natural colorants such as beet root, turmeric, and spirulina.  Face scrubs contain baking soda to avoid potential skin irritation.  All scrubs contain white or brown sugar .  Please note that scrubs do not  contain any preservatives and must be protected from moisture. Products can be customized per order.  See Custom Formulations section. 

Suggested use: Please keep scrub away from moisture since it does not contain any preservatives. Use included spoon for scrub application. Please be cautious with allergies and always perform a skin patch test when using new products. This scrub is to be used once or twice a week. The best way to use this scrub would be to, warm up the skin with hot water or after a shower. Remember to turn off the water while you scrub! Rub a small amount of the scrub onto the skin in a circular motion for a few minutes. Then rinse off and pat it dry. Essential oils have an amazing benefit for the skin as well as an amazing aroma. The skin will feel soft, smooth, and moisturized. For extra benefits and moisturization, consider using a body butter or lotion bar!